Ark Angel is pleased with the outcome of the House of Commons vote on the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. While
  some politicians opposed this environmental treaty, there was a majority vote of 195 to 77 in support of the federal
  government's decision to ratify. Under the Kyoto Protocol, which our government signed in 1998, Canada has
  pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels.

  "There really is nothing to debate when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases," says Ark Angel Chairman Michael
  O'Sullivan. "Either we significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and drastically cut greenhouse gas
  emissions or we face the consequences," continues O'Sullivan. "And it is now obvious that the consequences will
  significantly impact the global environment and its inhabitants. If anything, the Kyoto Protocol doesn't go far enough or
  act quickly enough."

  While some people argue that participating in this environmental treaty will cost jobs, and money, the real truth is that
  the Kyoto agreement will save jobs and money.

  "A healthy environment will create a healthy economy," says O'Sullivan. "Global warming and increased pollution
  will be devastating for everyone and every thing. Not only will a healthier environment improve our quality of life, it will
  also drastically reduce health care costs."

  While Ark Angel is supportive of the actions taken to fulfill the Kyoto Protocol, they are critical of those countries that
  aren't participating in this treaty. Ark Angel has also prepared a Kyoto Scorecard for the way in which politicians
  across Canada responded to the challenge of protecting future generations: "I think it's important that history record
  who cared about the safety and security of Canada and those who worked to oppose such safeguards," said  O'Sullivan.

  "We think much more needs to be done to save the planet than just the Kyoto agreement," says O'Sullivan. "But it's a
  start. It's a show of good faith. Those countries that opted out of Kyoto have no regard for the planet or the future
  generations of species who will have to live in a world beset with global warming.

  Now that the Kyoto Protocol will be ratified, Ark Angel would like to see significant steps taken that will significantly
  reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote greener energy sources and a wiser use of energy. A few important
  measures that, if implemented, would significantly help the environment include:


  • Increase &improve mass transit - especially in urban centres;   

  • Increase & improve the railway system;   

  • Offer incentives for fuel efficient vehicles & penalize inefficient vehicles;   

  • Promote alternative energy sources that are better for the environment; offer rebates for purchasing andinstalling solar, wind and similar energy sources;   

  • Increase taxes for energy sources which aren't environmentally friendly;   

  • Provide incentives for planting trees;



Every minute, we lose valuable wildlife habitat and ecosystems. Here in Canada and around the world, bulldozers and
  heavy machinery forge ahead to create sprawling suburbs and urban development. Wildlife, which has lived here for
  tens of thousands of years suddenly, becomes homeless in order to create structures of glass, wood, brick and steel.

  Gone are the fields, streams and forests that sheltered families of songbirds, owls, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks,
  mice, rabbits, turtles, snakes, insects and plants. In their place, developers lay down concrete, sewage systems and
  utility lines with a bewildering speed and efficiency. As the only species, which fouls its own nest, humankind is more
  than willing to share a multitude of air, water and land based sources pollution with every living creature on earth.

  The situation facing is serious. The problems intimidating. And the challenges immense.

  That's why Ark Angel created the Wildlife Biospheres project.

  Functioning like tiny "arks" to protect small ecosystems, these wildlife biospheres will continue to provide sanctuary for
  plants and trees and shrubs - and everything that walks, crawls, swims or flies within them.

  This program is specifically designed to handle the smaller wildlife biospheres which larger conservation organizations
  and universities have traditionally regarded as being too small or biologically insignificant to deserve protection.

  However, along with those people who have protected these unique "arks" for many years, we share the view that all
  wildlife is precious. Wild animals and birds don't know or care if they are rare or common, attractive or ugly. They
  simply want to be left alone in peace where they can live with their families.

  The mission of Ark Angel is best described by our motto: "Guarding Our Future." We exist to protect and preserve
  habitat as sanctuaries where all species of wildlife can live and flourish. We will not allow people to trap, hunt, or
  otherwise harm the wildlife, which we have taken under our wing.

  We will mount vigorous and sustained campaigns against any and all challenges by corporations and government
  agencies, which threaten the welfare and survival of these wildlife biospheres and the creatures dwelling within.

  To ensure that these "arks" can be properly protected, every habitat we protect must be supported with sufficient
  financial resources in order for us to faithfully and effectively be true to the wishes of the donor and the mission of Ark  Angel.

  In this way we can effectively combine the principles of compassion and business to ensure that we are here today
  and tomorrow to provide a safe haven for wildlife.

  The funds needed to protect these tiny "arks" will vary from region to region and country to country.


  Despite its natural beauty and the open friendly attitude of its people, Colombia has become one of the most
  dangerous places on earth. This South American nation has been declared the "kidnap capital" of the world, with more
  than 3,700 kidnapping incidents and demands for ransoms taking place each year. A relatively small group of drug
  traffickers and terrorists have plunged the nation of Colombia into the longest running war in the history of the Western

  But what about the innocents - the people, wildlife and nature that are caught up in the middle or someone else's war?
  We simply cannot abandon them.

  After careful consideration, The Ark Angel Foundation has agreed to accept a donation of 24 acres of pristine tropical
  rainforest deep in the heart of Colombia. We have been entrusted with protecting the wild animals, birds and plants
  that make up this beautiful wildlife biosphere.

  Nestled among the rugged Andes Mountains of war torn Colombia lays an oasis of peace and tranquility. Cascading
  waterfalls, lush tropical rainforest, and the sounds of birds and tree frogs are music to the ears and a beautiful sight for
  all to behold.

  Colombia has more species of birds than anywhere else on earth -- including Canadian and American species of
  birds, which arrive exhausted in Colombia each winter and need to find the critical supplies of food, water and shelter
  offered by this beautiful ecosystem.

  This is a part of our Wildlife Biospheres Project. Functioning like tiny "arks" to protect small ecosystems, these wildlife
  biospheres will continue to provide sanctuary for plants and trees and shrubs - and everything that walks, crawls,
  swims or flies within them.

  Although the owners had spoken at length with some of the larger conservancy organizations and universities, they all
  regarded the rainforest as being too small or biologically insignificant to deserve protection - and they wanted the right
  to sell off the land if they chose to do so in the future.

  However, our Foundation has provided our donors with the assurances they need that we will protect this beautiful
  haven for wildlife.

  These people had protected this unique "ark" for many years. They share our view that all wildlife is precious. Wild
  animals and birds don't know or care if they are rare or common, attractive or ugly. They simply want to be left alone in
  peace where they can live with their families.

  We are trying to raise funds from those who have a personal commitment to the well being of wildlife and their forest

  The Foundation needs funds to carry out noninvasive research into the plants and animal species in the forest
  preserve to hire local rangers to patrol and protect the ecosystem, and to carry out an environmental impact
  assessment for building an even larger wildlife way station to rehabilitate and release animals and birds confiscated
  from wildlife traffickers.

  The funds will also be used to conduct ranger-training sessions, anti-poaching patrols and strengthen links with
  Interpol to combat international wildlife traffickers.

  Drugs, guns and endangered species are the three most illegally traded commodities in the world, and Interpol
  estimates that the illegal trade in wildlife is worth over US $10 billion.