Every culture and every religion on earth knows about Noah's Ark.

The legends of how he and his family worked tirelessly to save and nurture life on earth from a terrible cataclysm.

Angels are renowned for their courage and  determination in protecting the weak, the defenseless and the innocent.

  Taken together, the words Ark Angel, means saving and protecting life on earth. 


The mission of the Ark Angel  Foundation is "Guarding our Future"


  The Ark Angel Foundation funds and implements animal protection and conservation projects in Canada and around the world.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Foundation focuses on a broad range of issues. Whatever we do to animals and nature we do to each other. We continually work to strike a balanced and pragmatic approach to the
  threats facing people, animals and the environment.


  Like Noah's Ark on a storm tossed sea, the earth is hurtling through space, all alone in the night. Home to billions of people, and millions of species, life on our blue planet is held together by a fragile network of ecosystems which are under constant assault from the dominant species on the planet.


  We need to find new ways to solve old problems.

  Like wildfires springing up everywhere, the world is being torn apart by conflict, cruelty and indifference. While crisis intervention is critical and regrettably a necessary evil, it is a tremendous waste of human hope, talent, technical and financial resources.

We need a long-term plan, which changes people's attitudes towards the way we treat animals and nature, and ultimately the way in which we treat each other.

  It will come as no surprise to anyone, that any nation that condones cruelty towards animals fosters a climate that encourages brutality towards people. The cycle of violence it seems is continuous, cruelty and indifference our
  greatest enemies.


  Because all of the problems facing animals and nature stand on two feet. Humans are the saviours and the destroyers of our own species and of every living thing on earth. We have a tremendous obligation and a terrible destiny that awaits all of us if we fail to live up to our responsibilities.

  And each one of us needs to decide where we really stand.

  Because breaking the cycle of violence begins with each and every one of us.


 Ark Angel is a registered Canadian charitable organization 

(BN #89024 1227 RR0001)